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Selling of a property is not an easy task for an individual. At the very first step, you need to find a right buyer for your property. Here ‘right buyer’ means the person who is willing to buy your home or the property is a legal and genuine person who will take care of your property like you did. Advertising the property is another task which is very time and money consuming. It is very hard to have time from your routine for searching the buyer and advertise your property, or even you try all this on your own then it can happen up to a limit. After getting the buyer, the legal formalities is the other dreadful task. Well in one sentence, you need an experienced estate agency to do all the tasks; which is where Mirador comes into place.

Mirador will list and evaluate your property according to the current market price, so you can get the genuine price for your property. We will advertise your property on our own website and local partners and among our member customers. So, you get a wide scope of advertisement. We know the requisites of trading property, so can perform the background check of the potential buyer, property insurance check and all the communications as a part of pre-sales. We will only call you to close the deal, and thus the difficult property selling process becomes easy and effective.
You can check the feedback of our customers on our website as well as on the social networking sites by reviewing the customer’s ratings. With the help of our estate agent selling your own property will be an easy task. We will provide you various services to sell your property as to list your property in search listings, a good reach to various seller resources, mobile listings, and home evaluation on our own website while you make the most of your precious time doing other important things.

Our team will guide you through the selling process.

First of all, our team will evaluate how much your property is worth and will ensure the sale goes smoothly. You have two options; the ‘Resale’ market, and the 5-yearly exit protection.

1. The Resale Market
At any time, offer your holdings to other investors on the market at a price of your choice. Unique to Property Partner, the ‘Resale’ Market is our online property market, where investors can trade their property holdings with each other. You also choose how much of your holding that you would like to sell.

2. The 5-yearly Exit Protection
Every 5 years, we offer all investors the chance to sell at market value. The property valuation will be made by an independent chartered.
We make sure that you make gains on your investment:
A property valuation, also known as a market appraisal, will provide a guide price for putting the property on the market. Our expert team will make a property valuation, you can prepare yourself by conducting your own research beforehand.

We follow the following steps to sell your investment: 

Step 1 Accurate valuation

Step 2 Instructing a solicitor

Step 3 Presenting your property

Step 4 Marketing your property

Step 6 Accompanied Viewings

Step 7 Receiving offer

Step 8 Offer agreed

_ Whenever you’re ready – We’re ready

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Motivated to Sell your Property?

There are many reasons, other than desperation, that may motivate you to put your property on the market.

Maybe needed repairs are too costly for you or perhaps you want to relocate to a different area. Maybe, for whatever reason,you’re trying to avoid the pressure of waiting to the last minute to sell your property so time isn’t always a consideration.

Whatever the reason you may want to put your property on the market, with Mirador, the opportunity to make a better than average deal is greatly increased and that means more profit for you.

It’s important to remember, however, no matter how motivated you may be as a seller, nobody wants to give away their property at a loss. A house represents a great deal of money and at Mirador, we understand there will be limitations on how far a you’re willing to go to sell your property.

Enter the motivated buyer!

A motivated buyer is, first and foremost, a salesman and his product is a part of himself. A seller needs to know that he’s dealing with an experienced agency; like ourselves, who are knowledgeable, that have a creative solution to his Real Estate problem and, more importantly, that he’s dealing with people that can be trusted (and, of course, Mirador can be trusted).

Put your property in good hands … put your property with Mirador!

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Ready to sell your property?

When you need to sell your house, you look at the market for some resourceful options that give you the actual price. While selling your home, you need to gain the full value of your house however, you need to sell it quickly. Selecting the traditional selling method can cost you more time and money as well, it is also not assured to provide actual desired and satisfied results. However, with Mirador, you can sure get the best value for your house.

If you’re interested in selling your property, contact us on the email below, so we can give you an accurate valuation and send you one of our qualified agents to give you the guidance and advice you need.


Find out how you can get the best value for your property!

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