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If you’re looking for a rental property, then you’ve come to the right place – being one of the biggest estate agents in London, Mirador has hundreds of properties to let around the city. We are a leading independent property rental agency specialising in an extensive array of residential property services. 

At  Mirador, we take the time to fully understand our landlords and tenants needs. Our staff are highly experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to property rentals. In comparison to other agencies, we also offer competitive fees and we’re always motivated in achieving full customer satisfaction.

Tenant – looking for a property to rent?

As a tenant, we understand the importance of wanting a property which offers security, space, looks good and is reasonably priced. As experienced letting agents, we would like to help you find your perfect home. On top of this, we handle any issues you may have and ensure that you can pay the rent monthly so that you can relax and concentrate on other important matters.

However,  it is important, as the tenant to know exactly what you’re looking for as well as how much you can afford. This may mean, in some cases that you’ll have to make a compromise of some sort. In any case, we have our dedicated lettings agents that can help you find a property suitable for you.

Things you need to consider when looking to rent a property:

Budget – How much can I afford?

The first question you need to ask yourself is ‘what can I afford?’  Knowing what the top end of your budget is can help make that difference between two properties you’re considering.  The trick is to firstly give your budget a figure and not look at properties available at far higher rents than your budget, or any that are over and beyond that figure. This will make things difficult for you and bring you unnecessary stress and headache in trying to find extra finances. From experience, we’ve found that tenants that usually go for a property at the lower ends of their budget tend to be happier with their decision. This is due to the fact that once you’ve saved some money, then you’re able to enjoy spending your money on buying or doing things you really enjoy.


Location – where do I want to be?

 As obvious as this seems, we still advise and remind tenants to consider this important aspect of ‘location’. When finding a location, you need to think about your priorities such as; whether you want to be close to family or work as well as the access the location will provide to places or people you want to be around. We can, however, tell you that every place may also come with costs. These costs may be that the actual prices of rent in that location are high or there aren’t enough shops near or whatever the case may be. Certain areas may come with a property of a size that might require you to pay more, also they may not have sufficient parking space. 

Duration – long-let or short-stay?

You need to consider whether you want a rental accommodation which offers a short-stay or long-let solution. This will help you narrow down your choices and make it easier to locate the right property. If you’re looking to settle down or raise your family then you’re most likely going for a long-let property. However, if you’re going for a temporary work placement or a short course, then you may want a short-stay option. Asking yourself why you are moving will give you a guidance on which of the two options you will need to go for as well as the finances you will need. Moving every few months can be very costly. We advise that you start renting based on your current situation in order to not undergo any unnecessary costs.

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Landlord – Want to rent out your property?

If you’re thinking about renting out your own home or a property that you own, it’s often the case that the most cost-effective and time-efficient solution is to hand over the letting and management process to experienced letting and management agents with an in-depth knowledge of home rentals. Mirador will take the hassle of letting your property to trustworthy tenants that we will do background checks on.

We will send you one of our experienced agents to visit your property and provide you with a detailed rental assessment. To ensure we have accurate results, we will take into account the property’s size, condition, age, location, fittings and fixtures, current legal regulations.

We can manage your property for you if you desire through our property management service.  If, however, you wish to manage it yourself, our lettings service is ideal for you.We can concentrate on the administration side of things and set up the rental agreement, as well as advertising the property and find tenants for you.

Our guidelines for presenting your property

•  Clean walls and flooring and make them a neutral colour

• Keep the passageway clutter free and clean

• Toilets and Bathrooms should be odour-free, clean, and with good light

• Bedrooms should have sufficient wardrobe space

• Ensure kitchens have all necessary equipment; fridge, dishwasher, wash machine

• Put blinds or curtains on all windows 

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Motivated to Rent your Property?

There are many reasons, other than desperation, that may motivate you to put your property on the market.

Maybe needed repairs are too costly for you or perhaps you want to relocate to a different area. Maybe, for whatever reason,you’re trying to avoid the pressure of waiting to the last minute to sell your property so time isn’t always a consideration.

Whatever the reason you may want to put your property on the market, with Mirador, the opportunity to make a better than average deal is greatly increased and that means more profit for you.

It’s important to remember, however, no matter how motivated you may be as a seller, nobody wants to give away their property at a loss. A house represents a great deal of money and at Mirador, we understand there will be limitations on how far a you’re willing to go to sell your property.


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