Holiday let Investment

Our process starts with the ability to discover opportunity. With our experienced team and intricate knowledge, our network enables us to filter through more than 1000 properties with different tourist destination with due diligence.  Holiday home can earn up to three times the annual income of a buy-to-let investor, the bumper income is the result of the staggering weekly rental rates holiday homes can command during high season – the school holidays, particularly summer, Christmas and New Year – which inflates the annual total and offsets periods when the property sits empty.

What We Look For:

  • Holiday town and Sea front location
  • Has good university and colleges
  • Properties with easy walking distance to city centre and fastest transport to London.


Once an investor has agreed upon a project, we are able to move incredibly quickly in joint ventures, Mirador purchase properties via dedicated SPV’s (Special Purpose Vehicles). The structure reflects the agreed profit share, with investor funds covering immediate upfront expenses such as the initial loan and building works. Investors are involved on a fixed return basis, which is normally between 10% – 25% p.a.

How we Minimize risk:

  • Buying properties that are worth more than we pay
  • Watch out what holidaymakers generally look for
  • Phasing refurbishment works efficiently and completing them quickly
  • Rent out to the Students during the winter period ( mid-September to mid-June)
  • Refinancing as soon as they are completed and let

_ Whenever you’re ready – We’re ready

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Motivated to Rent your Property?

There are many reasons, other than desperation, that may motivate you to put your property on the market.

Maybe needed repairs are too costly for you or perhaps you want to relocate to a different area. Maybe, for whatever reason,you’re trying to avoid the pressure of waiting to the last minute to sell your property so time isn’t always a consideration.

Whatever the reason you may want to put your property on the market, with Mirador, the opportunity to make a better than average deal is greatly increased and that means more profit for you.

It’s important to remember, however, no matter how motivated you may be as a seller, nobody wants to give away their property at a loss. A house represents a great deal of money and at Mirador, we understand there will be limitations on how far a you’re willing to go to sell your property.


Put your property in good hands … put your property with Mirador!

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