Property Management Services

Finding the right property management company can be a daunting task for some. However, we can ensure you that you’ve come to the right place if you want your property managed. Mirador offers a uniquely tailored property management service to all our clients. Since the need for property management has become a more popular option for homeowners, we’ve taken on the task of continually improving our services to maximize customer satisfaction. 

At Mirador, we take on the responsibility of maintaining the property and collecting rental payments on your behalf. In addition, we will also screen potential tenants and complete the necessary paperwork in order to get the property rented. We also work with third-party with mutual understanding to find a potential tenant from the day we decide to put the property on the market. 

How We Minimize Outlay And Maximize Return


  • Initial assessment report & recommendation      
  • Finish properties to a very high standard 
  • Promote properties in the right way to the right target market
  • Review pricing to constantly achieve the optimum balance of occupancy and price
  • Offer discounts for advance payments (half yearly or yearly for example
  • At least Three letting agents are used to maximise the pool of potential tenants and minimise void periods.
  • Comprehensive marketing materials and photography are provided to assist marketing the property.
  • Gas safety certification and
  • EICR electrical safety certificate and portable appliance (PAT) test certificate.

Minimum Property Management fees apply, per annum £1250
Property Management Fees are charged 6 months in advance.
All our charges are exclusive of VAT currently 20%
Please refer to our contract, terms and conditions for further information.


Collecting rent on your behalf

Mirador knows the importance of collecting your rent on time and we have assigned this to our specialized team as one of our priority tasks to be enforced.  We ensure the full, timely management of collecting rent by setting a date for our team to collect rent each month. We also have developed effective collection methods and strictly enforce late fees whenever the need arises. Due to advances in our rent collection systems we hardly ever need to chase down tenants, however, where necessary, we do take action and provide quit notices if needed. 

Property Maintenance

Mirador is responsible for the physical maintenance and management of your property. Our service includes emergency repairs, regular maintenance, and renovation works where necessary. We provide our in-house maintenance team for upkeep works and monitoring of property. The maintenance works generally aim to keep existing tenants happy and also bring new tenants if needed.

We have preventive care policies for recognising and dealing with the various repair needs as they arise. We also have a wide network of reliable electricians, carpenters, plumbers and other contractors, who help ensure that maintenance works are done in no time.

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Properties Managed Successfully 100%
Customer Satisfaction 100%

Want your property Managed by Experts?

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